Simply getting people to do healthy things

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When people take action for their health, everyone wins

The right people taking the right actions improves outcomes. That’s why sponsors of healthcare–insurers and employers–want to foster engagement that is relevant, achievable, measurable, and profitable. We make that happen.

Tandem is the Health Action Driver®

Tandem helps sponsors deliver offers that motivate specific individuals to take specific actions for their health. Simple. The outcome is great for members. And it helps sponsors reliably meet specific business goals.

Not a typical healthcare tech company

Everything Tandem does drives action. We leverage comprehensive consumer data along with consumer-centric design to ensure everything we deliver is continually optimized to get more of the right people doing the right things for their health. We’re so invested in optimizing health actions that we get paid for performance, we only get paid when individuals complete offers. Tandem helps individuals and their healthcare sponsors succeed—in Tandem.

It’s all about the action.

When people simply do more healthy things, the results are dramatic.

How Tandem Works

1. Pinpoint the actions

Tandem starts by breaking down your population’s health goals into discrete, valuable, and achievable health actions for each individual. For instance, an eye exam returns huge value for both a diabetic and their health sponsor. And it’s a very easy step to take.


2. Drive actions through targeted offers

Tandem converts each action into a highly personalized and targeted offer–the
Tandem Health Action Offer. We design each offer with best practices in behavioral science and user experience to be motivating, relevant, and easy to complete.

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Tandem screenshots
Tandem Health Action Offer dashboard and mobile app

Tandem embedded
Tandem Health Action Offers embedded in customer communication

3. Continuously improve performance

Tandem continually tracks, measures and optimizes offer performance for fast improvement. You can be confident that your specific business goals will be met efficiently, and more individuals do the right things for their health.



4. Deliver concrete business value and ROI

With Tandem, calculating ROI is straightforward. Each completed Tandem Offer has business value which makes calculating its impact a formula that can hold up well in front of the CFO and is easy to understand for all parties.

The Tandem Difference

Proven drivers. Healthier outcomes.

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Where does Tandem come from

In 2011 Russell Benaroya set out on a mission to improve the lives of 10 million people in 10 years by building solutions that help consumers demonstrate the positive impact of taking healthy actions. The Tandem product at EveryMove was borne out of our commitment to continue finding more ways to make that possible. EveryMove is a pioneer in consumer health engagement with a demonstrated track record of bringing to market solutions for consumer, employers and health plans. Our evolution has been in response to an incredibly dynamic healthcare landscape where customers initially valued wellness but increasingly moved beyond it toward health engagement solutions that more directly reduce claims cost, generate revenue and bolster the consumer experience. Tandem, as a health action driver, springboards off EveryMove’s expertise and presents an innovative and powerful solution that will accelerate the achievement of our mission to positively impact 10 million lives.