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motivation is personal.
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Tandem turns data into personalized offers that energize the relationship between health plans and individuals, motivating members to become their healthiest selves and lowering your organization’s risk.

Tandem is designed for health plans that recognize the importance of the consumer to their business goals and want to innovate to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Know Your Members

Accelerate your organization's understanding of each member, starting at enrollment. Tandem’s predictive analytics engine uses demographic and lifestyle data to stratify your population across a matrix of member receptivity and health risk.

Activate and Retain Members Efficiently

Tandem’s personalized experience and flexible offer architecture powers member engagement. Programs to improve member profitability, risk scores and retention can be incentivized with prepaid Visa or gift cards, charitable donations and non-monetary rewards. Connect with members via text and in-app messages, email and push notifications.

Lower Barriers to Action

Tandem integrates with third party programs, fitness trackers and care management protocols so your members can use the apps they love and you can track progress, validate achievement and measure impact smoothly. EveryMove Fit, the award-winning physical activity program, is pre-integrated so that you can get your members started with fitness-related offers out of the box.

Give Your Members A Voice

From health assessments to satisfaction surveys, Tandem lets you take the pulse of your membership. Send in-app surveys to your individual members or select groups at any time, on any topic.

Seeing is believing.